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Coving Cambridge Ely

What is coving? Coving adds a decorative elegance to the corners of rooms where the walls and ceiling meet – it brings a flourish to the décor. Not only stylish, it can hide flaws, cracks and other imperfections, especially in older properties. It can really invigorate a room.


Making a choice of coving can be a real challenge. Applied with a special adhesive, coving can be simple and minimalistic or particularly intricate and detailed. Coving uses a variety of materials – it’s your choice – to suit your taste and budget.


It’s important to consider the existing property décor; it should match the style – or it might look odd/out of place. Why do you want the coving? To make a room stand out – or suggest a minimalist style? Identifying your vision and intention helps shape your ideas for the coving options.

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