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Dry Lining Cambridge Ely

As the name implies, dry-lining does not involve using wet materials, ie. plaster. Dry-lining (also referred to as dry-walling) is the application or fixing of plasterboard to ceilings and stud walls.


Dry-lining is insulation for walls; products used in dry-lining are effective at reducing energy costs. A well-insulated house keeps warmth where it should be – indoors. There are multiple types of board used in dry-lining insulation: sound/fire/moisture/foil-backed/insulated and standard are the most common.


Board types range from standard wall board to vapour-barrier plasterboard, to boards with a higher-density core typically used in sound reduction, and acoustic plasterboard. Other types include fire board (which includes glass fibre and other core additives to help protect your home against fire), impact plasterboard – designed to withstand impact and hard knocks, and water-resistant board. There’s a newer board available, too: 4-in-1 plasterboard follows recent technological advances and combines standard, impact, fire- and water-resistant board.


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