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Plastering Cambridge Ely

Plastering is the core of my business – it’s at the centre of what we do in our trade. While there are specialist aspects, plaster-coating is one of the oldest of skilled trades; not much has changed over the years and it’s the minimum task you need to provide a smooth surface – a flawless finish to ceilings and walls that leaves them ready for painting or wallpapering. Plastering rejuvenates old walls with a surface that lacks the appearance of dings, paint bubbles or roughness.


My plastering is applied in two coats and trowelled four times so I can smooth and fine-level to produce a hard, even and dense plaster surface. I have a wide range of experience and plaster everything – new builds, extensions and refurbishments.


Drying times vary and depend on a few factors, including:


  • the surface underneath
  • if there’s plasterboard backing
  • the humidity of the room
  • the time of year


Natural ventilation with opened windows and doors is more effective than central heating for drying plaster. Most surfaces will be ready for decorating in 3–5 days.

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